Designer Gas Masks

Interesting expression by "the artist".
In my opinion the two elements juxtaposed here: Fashion and War, are equally mundane and also exceptional. But it talks a bout access to a situation. Maybe we are too used to the premise of exclusion by luxury brands, maybe that exclusion is the ultimate form of power, not for that more just than war. Economical power has in one end luxury as playground and in the other war as ways to secure the playground.

From the artist website: "We are in a state of perpetual war – with ourselves and with the eco-system that sustains us. Perpetual war breeds perpetual fear. In the present context, this fear stems from our extreme desire for authenticity and manifests itself in our collectively insatiable culture of consumption.

Deep down, we are afraid we may never be satisfied. An expanding archive of branded myths and icons feeds this fear. Designer Gas Masks is an attempt to visualize this state of mind. Because it is only by first acknowledging and then challenging fear that we will all be able to breathe a little easier.

The masks are currently made for gallery purposes only."


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Compilation of aesthetic manifestations beyond compliance, bring us emancipation.