"My work reflects upon the condition of art making after the “digital experience.” The formal and structural approach to various media I employ, such as installation, CD-ROM, internet and sound, almost requires binary logic, because I assemble the material according to a narrow set of self-imposed rules which often incorporate algorithms, controlled randomness and other methods inspired by computer code.

Since 1997, I have investigated the term “reverse engineering”1 by (re-)translating the abstract aesthetic language of virtual reality and 3-D computer modelling back into an architectural environment by means of large-scale light installations. In this body of work, space is experienced as a second skin, our social skin, which is transformed through my artistic intervention. Due to the very nature of its architectural dimension, participating by simply being “present” is an integral part of the installations. Visual perception has to work in conjunction with corporeal motion, and the passage of time, an additional parameter of motion.2

The formal aspect of the works is easily accessible. An interpretation and understanding of this aspect is dependent upon the viewer’s subjective references. Equally, the various individual’s interactions within the context of the installation re-shape each viewer’s subjective references and reveal a complex social phenomenon. "

Born 1963, Gföhl, Lower Austria
Lives and works in New York since 1993

Education (selection):
1993-95 MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, USA
1988-91 Diploma in Electronic Music, Music Academy, Vienna, Austria
1988-90 BA in Composition, Music Academy, Vienna, Austria


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Compilation of aesthetic manifestations beyond compliance, bring us emancipation.