a chick with total allure

My favorite model in 2006. As a woman I don't find all pretty girls really outstanding in other aspects other than having good genes. This girl is one of those exceptions where the genes are not the total effect on attraction...and is in that "imperfect" condition where I find the most thruthful beauty; mostly because of attitude and a powerful sense of own femininity and those wise sad eyes...yeah...girl crush.

-Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

She doesn't have Gemma's angelic looks or Gisele's endless legs, so just what does Irina Lazareanu have? Her provenance, for starters. The saga of one of 2006's most talked-about models began when Kate Moss handpicked Lazareanu, the onetime drummer for Babyshambles, from Pete Doherty's posse to model in the issue of Paris Vogue that Moss was guest-editing. And then there are those bangs. Stroll Manhattan's Lower East Side and you'll spot as many Irina 'dos as you'll see Geordon-and-Greg K. bowl cuts on boys. It doesn't hurt that Karl Lagerfeld has taken to calling her a muse, either.- SOURCE


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