I have heard many times the term "jock" from several friends as a way to describe a pretty but stupid male. I called them "tonto hermoso" in spanish, but there is a term used often in the states for such pretty but pretty much dumb individuals: the jock. I still find really interesting the fact that an athlete is sinonimous of dumb. Equally that dumb athlete has to with being a womanizer. I think jocks are jocks by choice...so they and the jock lovers are aware of how the jock lifestyle plays into their pleasure. Besides all gay porn is full of "jockness", so it is appealing to men...dumb creatures are prefered.

has several meanings.

- In American English it is a slang term for an athlete, typically one thought of as stupid. This term is especially common in secondary schoolss and college. The stereotypical Jock is obsessed with sports. It may have come from 'jock strap', slang for 'athletic supporter'.

- In American English it is also a slang term for the penis. This meaning may be related to the previous definition, because an athletic Jock is considered to have a higher level of testosterone, the male hormone.


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