Going Muslim on globalization

What is up with Muslim Fundamentalists?!!!
Are they so blind by the logic of faith that they fail to see that they are just doing exactly what make them the worse case for society and beliefs? Those "protesters" are just making the cartoon even more forceful and clear for "westerners".
I just can't believe that other Muslim don't say anything about the insanity of this protesters making such a mess against the FREEDOM that we share in "western territories". That stupid faith should stay in Muslim territories if can not deal with the liberties of others overseas! If they want hermetism have it! Isolate yourselves from development by not being able to evolve! First faith and the reason?!
Are they forgetting that countries that are not governed by religious systems can do as they wish....A thing called democracy. They just don't get freedom of thought or freedom of beliefs, or any freedom! Talking about polarizing people against them!


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