Jr. Review.

There is this stage in the educational process that I'm going through called "Jr Review":
Four designers critique my work and crown me or behead me depending on my performance and potential as a designer. The designers that were in the reviewers panel, were all pretty much successful in the field: Santiago Piedrafita (uruguashhhan/brazilian)chair of design from the school, Kindra Murphy, ex-urban outffiters/MCAD designer and faculty member, Emit (forgot last name) Walker art center designer, and a 4th faculty member that I don't know much about.
They complemented the art direction skills in my photos for the application of an identity system. Told me that is a strength in my work. I can tell that I'm sensible to environments and people , and yes I enjoyed my self while doing the photo shoots.
I'll show other work of mine later on.

So hurray! for my JR review:A miniscule step for human kind but a huge step for me.


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